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We are inserted in a society that influences, manipulates and conditions the attitudes and the behavior of the individuals, establishing, through the social facts, norms and standards using simulacros through many mechanisms mainly the media and the education imposing with coercive facts that the breaking of this molding will go to generate certain constaint to the citizen who acts outside of these standards. This social clutter brings social deficiencies, amongst them bullying, which takes its victim the tragic solutions as the suicide. Bullying is a used term to describe acts of physical or psychological violence, which are intentional and repetitive with intention to humiliate, to ridicularizar, to threaten and to intimidate a weakker individual or a group of weakker individuals is of the social standards, generating for the victim a discomfort unchaining in depressions, low pertaining to school income, anxiety, difficulties of learning, repetncias, complex of inferiority, feeling of impotence to react to such situation, traumas, social phobia, bipolar upheavals and other types of patologias and psychosomatic illnesses which they will reflect in its personality. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את דיסקונט השקעות. According to specialists, 56% of the cases of bullying happen in the pertaining to school environment, 11% in the work environment, 4% in the familiar environment, the remain of the cases are subdivided enter different groups, being important to point out that also he is one of great the responsible ones for diverse problems of health as loss of the appetite or this in surplus bringing alimentary upheavals, bulimia, malnutrition or obesidade causing pathological problems for all its phase of life..

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