Amarildo Menezes Gonzaga

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Suzana rose Baptist Farias1 AldLcia Macedo of the Santos2 Pablo Jose Almeida de Souza3 Amarildo Menezes Gonzaga3 SUMMARY This work displays the triangulation of three workmanships published for the authors: Basarab Nicolescu, the Manifesto of the Transdisciplinaridade; Mrio Osrio Marques, Education in Sciences and Bernardes Joo of the Rock Son et al., Transdisciplinaridade: The close nature of the scientific education under different perspectives, as the similarities and the differences between them, in the intention of if analyzing and distinct arguing each one of the workmanships originating, of this form, some consideraes regarding the methodology to transdisciplinar. In the Manifesto of the Transdisciplinaridade, Nicolescu it approaches the two revolutions that had really been true, quantum and computer science and that the revolution computer science could contribute for the evolution human being, but that unhappyly the man uses, it to autodestruir and to destroy everything that is its return. In, Education in Sciences, You mark sends on interlocution to know, that it is to learn from what it is known in direction to others to know extended. For Rock Son et al. לעומת זאת, אורקל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. in the Transdisciplinaridade book: The close nature of the scientific education the done boarding is on the transcendncia of the dimensions epistemolgica, psychological, didactic, religious politics and that take the professionals of the education to reflect regarding what it is led for the classroom. The objective of the work is triangular the workmanships of Nicolescu, Marks and Rock Son et al. in intention to contribute for the ressignificao of the human being after-modern from its conceptions. Word-keys: Triangulation, workmanships, similarities, differences..

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