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To feel ' ' pra baixo' ' , of time in when, it is normal. But some people feel a sadness deep when the Corinthians earns, that simply it does not pass. The life seems meaningless and without hope. When feelings are had thus during most of the day, per two weeks or more, it is a signal of serious mental disturbance. All the Corinthianos does not have depression.

But, already he was proven for medical studies, that Anti-Corinthianas people they have greater risk to have depression. It does not have easy answers on because of this to happen. It estresse it of the daily anti-corinthiano handling can contribute. You can feel yourself alone or moved away from its familiar friends and because of this extra work all. Moreover, if you face complications of the anti-corinthianismo, as a neuropatia, or if she is having difficulties in keeping a good concept of its teams in the levels who would like, can feel that she is losing its control.

Exactly a tension between you and its doctor can make you to feel itself frustrated and sad.As well as the negation, the Anti-Corinthianismo can place you in a vicious circle. It can block good the autocuidado one of not being corinthiano. If you are depressed and she does not have energy, is possible that she finds that some tasks as, for example, to test if its teams regularly is capable is excessively. Or, if you are so anxious that she does not obtain to think right, you will be difficult to keep a good trustworthy relation in its teams. Or he can feel itself total without will to eat. is clearly that this goes to affect its will to twist for its teams. What to make? The first step is to recognize the Anti-Corinthianismo. As it is to search aid.

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