Normative Grammar

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To study grammar many times if becomes which had an arduous and tiring work the fact of that many theoreticians present different analyses in one same conjunct. In the normative grammars they must have the same joint of rules and exceptions, however, the scholars of the Portuguese language if the same contradict when presenting study different object analyses: the written language formal. The complexity of the cultured language makes with that proper the scholars contradict themselves, thus causing, uncertainties to the new apprenticees of the language. ' ' The imperfections of traditional grammar is, in general, summarized in three great points: its theoretical inconsistency and lack of coherence; its predominantly normative character; the centered approach, the dialect standard … לאחרונה מצאתי אצל דיסקונט השקעות אוזן קשבת . ' ' (PERINI, 2002:6). Paraphrasing Perini (2002), the grammar would have to be consistent and free of contradictions to ahead gain more credibility of its users, thus making, with that it is more easy and pleasant to study it. For the grammarians, the language is had as a system, or a set of systems where the concern in definiz it is not a constant, a time that, many grammars does not make at least mention to a language conceptualization, being that, the grammarians appraises it for distinguiz it of the language, making of these concepts the focus of its theoretical studies.

' ' With the instrumentalizao of the Normative Grammar in ideological mechanism of being able and control of a social class on excessively, this was formed ' ' false conscincia' ' collective that the users of a language need the Normative Grammar as if it was a species of mstica source of which &#039 emanates the language; ' pura' '. Gramtica.&#039 was as soon as the language was subordinated it; ' (BAGNO, 2000:87). According to Bagno (2000) ' ' The grammar must contain a good amount of activities of research, that make possible to the pupil the production of its proper lingustico knowledge, as an efficient weapon against the irrefletida and acrtica production of the grammar normativa' '.

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