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Change level in the capital city of roughly 70 percent higher than in the rest of the Republic Berlin, October 13, 2010 competition on the electricity market comes of customers increasingly drive. In the face of rising electricity prices, the number of consumers who actively choose to change of electricity provider, increasing continuously. According to surveys of the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW) * more than 8.3 million households, emigration since the liberalisation of the electricity market their local provider and switched to an alternate competitor tendency rising. Most consumers in Berlin and Brandenburg, the possibilities of free-market used this year so far, while the change of slope in Baden-Wurttemberg and Saarland is rather low. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל רמי לוי. On these findings, the independent consumer portal comes toptarif.de in a recent study. State comparison Berlin and Brandenburg front, passivity in the South West In the framework of the evaluation were the respective regional change frequencies on Basis of for households which have changed since the beginning of toptarif.de to a new electricity provider, compared.

Striking: The trend towards the provider change is nearly 70 percent higher than the national average in the German capital Berlin. Also in Brandenburg the exchange rate is (+ 32%), Sachsen (+ 29%) and Thuringia (+ 26 percent) measured on the number of households significantly higher than in the rest of the Republic. Considerably passive, however, operate the consumer in Baden-Wurttemberg and Saarland, where the readiness to change is 25 and 22 percent below the average values. In explaining the different exchange activities must take into account various factors and their interaction", makes clear by toptarif.de energy expert Thorsten Bohg. In addition to tend to higher electricity prices in the new Federal Lander local price adjustments and competitive structures of local electricity markets, as well as differences in the regional structure of income play a crucial role." For example, the willingness to change is in the more low-income Berlin is about 60 percent higher than in Hamburg, although the competition in two electricity markets that are nearly identical.

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