Electricity Costs

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Want to reduce 2010 their electricity consumers a great resolution for the new year 2010 which reads German to save energy. Many consumers want to multiply also make sure on the origin of electricity and switch to green electricity tariffs. A power and eco-electricity provider comparison is easily feasible in the Internet over electricity tariff calculator. You can compare electricity rates on the Internet on various comparison portals E.g., kwh-preis.de. But still applies: the greenest electricity is one that is not consumed at all. The power consumption can be, lowered significantly if you observe some tips what relieves both the environment and the wallet. Some Stromspartipps are hereafter, which help to reduce power consumption: 1 power saver for lighting the share of electricity consumed for lighting up to 15 percent.

Tip: Energy saving light bulbs are more expensive to purchase, however long term saving in electricity consumption. Energy bulbs consume up to 80% less power. Halogen lamps and ceiling washlights, however, are very large The power guzzlers. Take advantage of the daylight as long as possible and turn off unnecessary lights. 2 not too high save during washing make their washing power. Often already 40 degrees sufficient thanks to modern detergent for normally soiled laundry completely. This saves up to 50 percent of current, compare with a temperature of 60 degrees. As fully load your washing machine and use energy-saving programmes.

3. power save on cooling units cooling and refrigeration appliances consume 20% of annual consumption, make sure about for new purchases on the Effiziensklasse. Even better, A + or A++ to buy only grade A. de fridge appliances should be regularly defrosts are. This will prevent that a layer of ice forms, acts like an insulation and more energy for cooling must be applied. Put the refrigerator if possible next to heating, oven, or dishwasher. Quickly close the cooling units and leave unnecessary warm air in the Inner refrigeration 4. power saver in standby devices make sure you on the power guzzlers in the budget. Avoid in particular stand-by consumption. Many devices such as TV, DVD player or set-top boxes consume electricity even after switching off unnecessary. Up to 100 for the electrical appliances in the household per year can be separated by a consistent save the device from the mains. Use the best switchable power sockets. 5. already when buying electrical appliances on power consumption. When purchasing new appliances the power consumption at the time of purchase is not observed often wrongly projected on a service life of 5 years or more a high power consumption retaliates. Often, a more expensive investment worth if the power consumption is correspondingly low.

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