How To Configure ICQ

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Sending a SMS-ok in large quantities – is expensive. Send a message to the right people, thus saving on the sms, you can use the 'mobile ICQ'. In this article we describe how to install and configure 'ICQ', and email-client mobile phone. Of course, sending sms-messages is cheaper minute (some regional operators do not take money for sms, but, alas, exotic). But for people who send a few dozen or even hundreds of text messages a day, it is – small consolation. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את אלמוג כהן. In the case of mobile 'ICQ' would pay only for GPRS-traffic, by 17-25 cents per megabyte (the prices of 'big three' operators).

On the other hand, the receipt of regular sms-ki we usually know right away – no additional action, and to check whether it's a new message to 'ICQ', you must download ICQ-client or use the WAP-portal (for more details – see below). For someone so drawback may seem significant, although no one interferes leave icq-client on for a long time, although in this case, a simple customer traffic will still be nonzero. Volume generated ICQ-traffic using 'mobile ICQ' fit into the hundreds of kilobytes per hour. Small example. The cost of outgoing sms y 'Megaphone' – $ 0.03 (for tariff 'O'Layt') value of 100 Kbytes of traffic – 0,22 x0, 1 = $ 0.022, with 100 Kbytes fit dozens of sms (in terms of information transmitted). Accordingly, the benefits – in several dozen times. Now, how to use icq on your mobile phone. Firstly, there are WAP-portals Wireless Application Protocol – an open standard for transmission and providing information, which is used handheld computers and cell phones – Ed.

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