Electricity Problem

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Basic services is one of the needs that still has not been covered fully in the urban population, much less in rural areas due to multiple factors, especially in economic, political and social. The use of electrical energy is important because with her us alumbramos at night, can be used in communication services, have electrical appliances and develop ourselves with industry and technology. However, for the majority of rural villages, access to this service is difficult, by rugged territory. Despite this, today a house located in a district or high areas annex Andean and punas, distant from hydroelectric plants, can be provided with electricity thanks to the development of systems that generate electricity from alternative way such as solar panels. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל דובי אמיתי שמבין יותר ממני. During this twenty-first century, we are being direct observer of the spectacular technological revolution that is taking place during these last decades, growth that He favors humans allowing use, in a novel way, from natural and renewable energy sources. I have personally visited villages of extreme poverty in the Peru. Huancavelica, Ayacucho, regions where confused purely tourist sites and Yes beautiful but the capitals or busy cities but do not speak of those who like nature trained are now being forgotten many other peoples apparently met.

This phenomenon happens in the world. Rich and poor, capital of region and villages even without defined names. For example, to sample a button, accessibility, conditions and costs that can handle the Llauta population for the realisation of projects. Llauta is a district of the province of Lucanas, Ayacucho in the Peru region. Malnutrition, poor schooling, governmental neglect in its primary level, young people and children who do not know but Earth, stones and sludge to form part of your living environment. Capital district than to avail himself of a communication fast anywhere in the world is completely difficult or impossible. Where just a pre-opens television channel to what good or bad diffusion are presented because they simply don't know what is the satellite communication system.

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