Electricity Prices

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For millions of households electricity will be more expensive Berlin, January 24, 2011. Electricity prices in Germany continue to rise. The power from the wall socket for more than one million households considerably more expensive. To February 1, approximately 60 companies have announced a price increase. Already at the beginning of the year, the prices for millions of customers had increased around 570 electricity suppliers. Between 2.5% and 13.1% a family household must pay in the future more for electricity if he remains with the basic supply tariff. At the annual consumption for a family household (about 4,000 kilowatt hours) that makes an overhead by up to 125 euros a year. The providers with rising electricity prices include also a subsidiary of energy giant E.on.

So, for example, E.on Hanse increases the basic supply rate for a family budget by 6.2 percent. Already in December Matthias Kurth had called the consumer as President of the Federal Network Agency, to use their exchange facilities. That could bring a saving of several hundred euros. Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen (CDU) keeps the price increases significantly exaggerated. Even economy Minister Rainer Bruderle (FDP) urged customers to act. Who behaves passively, pay too much", says also Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of FlexStrom.

Group-independent provider, FlexStrom requires significantly less than the basic utilities in many places. The majority of German households is supplied from basic provider but still, so by public utilities or energy companies. Every change of electricity provider is a sign of consumers for more competition", so Robert Mundt from independent provider FlexStrom. For the German electricity market, but also the framework conditions should be improved urgently: for example by more ways to buy electricity from abroad. Thus sinking the dependency of the big energy companies. The dominance of the energy giants RWE, Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW), E.on and Vattenfall is negative at the current prices.

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