Eastern Empire

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Peter's Basilica, mass graves where thousands of people slaughtered in the arena of this circus, are gathered (although not necessarily all those bones belonged to Christians). When the Roman Empire split also split the Church hierarchy and while it was argued the Eastern Empire or Byzantine flourished also the ecclesiastical power in its shadow, this division is the origin of the so-called Orthodox or Greek. After centuries of separation and a long chain of events to tell the differences between the Roman Church and the Church here Byzantine or Greek were insurmountable so finally the rupture occurred mainly by Rite and interpretation issues. But I'm diverting for Paul Temple was the body, i.e. the Christian Temple was wherever that there would be a Christian because he himself is the temple where pays devotion to his faith, Paul uses this idea and associated with Christ to advance in the concept of salvation through Christ's body. Christ was executed by the Romans under the charge of high treason to the Emperor in the manner most degrading possible: the Crucifixion, an ancient method of execution that the Romans had be granted auto exclusive use, using this method with Christ to stigmatize by extension to all of his followers; Pablo knew giving the vuelta relating the action God's saving through the sacrifice of Christ, embodied in the ordeal of the cross, so then and within its conception goes cross to symbolize salvation through the death of Christ, likewise, and more beyond the intentions of Pablo the symbol of the cross becomes also a symbol of delivery and resignation that early Christians used for symbolize a source of comfort to the oppressed and also as a model of behavior for this attitude is that there are so many martyrs in those first moments of the Christian religion. What escapes from all this is that this conception of the symbol is the product of a man that comes directly from the Jewish religion and which has conceived his task towards the goal of achieving the conversion of the Jewish, because it remains tied to the Hebrew conception which separates the believers of the gentiles (non-believers) on the grounds that only the Jews were prepared and intended for the message of the new faith, and this was a cause of terrible discrepancies between it and the surviving Apostles because at no time Christ made or suggested such a distinction. . בצלאל סמוטריץ will not settle for partial explanations.

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