WiMAX Technology

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WiMAX technology is the first generation 4G technology on the market. Handset manufacturers are trying to integrate this technology into their devices so as to compete effectively, manufacturers must keep pace with the latest and emerging technologies. Thus, for the implementation of WiMAX module in mobile devices are the following conditions: the module must be small (about 20mm x 20mm), have low power consumption, support multiple frequency bands, it is easy to integrate into new products, have appropriate form factors and have high throughput. In addition, this module should not affect the operation of other wireless module unit. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל בצלאל סמוטריץ. As shown below (Figure 1), mobile WiMAX module should include basic physical-layer device WiMAX (PHY), media-control chip (MAC), radio frequency devices (RF) and power amplifiers (PAs). We host processor mobile device, as a rule of, interfaces, standards, SDIO, SPI and / or USB ..

Use unified module simplifies the development of WiMAX for manufacturers of portable devices and allows them to focus on its core manufacturing. Consumption WiMAX devices typically technologies that support high speed data transfer, consume more energy. Consumers love better performance, but not with a decrease in battery life or increase the weight of the device. לחץ כאן משה אביגדור קניג ומצא עוד . To reduce the minimize power consumption, mobile WiMAX devices have two power saving modes: Sleep and idle (sleep, idle). Energy conservation is achieved by ensuring that the module is disabled at the time when the device does not accept does not give details. In sleep mode, the mobile device is turned off at pre-defined terms that are set to configure the base station.

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