William Cereja

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Already the poem is the workmanship, the product, and generally it is composed in verses, and in these verses it has poetry. אי.די.בי בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. In accordance with the dictionary Silveira Bueno (2007), one of the poem concepts is of ' ' workmanship in verse, composition potica' '. Already for William Cereja and Tereza Magalhes (2003, P. 41), ' ' a poem if not only constructs with ideas and feelings, but also by means of the musical job of the verse and its resources, the noise, the rhythm of the words, the poetical function of the language and words with felt conotativo' '. Octvio Peace (1982, P. 15) it defends the poetry as being ' ' a snail where the music of the world resounds, and metric and you rhyme are only correspondences, echoes, of the universal harmony. The poetry discloses to the world and its beleza.' ' It is the art to present the beautiful to desnudar the reality that the disconcentrated eyes see, but do not appreciate.

The poetry is closely on to the emotion and the feelings. In this in case that, the metric one rhymes and it must exist as canal for this artistic manifestation of feelings, and it does not stop limiting, systemize or delimiting its process of construction. Arguing on the poetry, Armindo Trevisan (1993, P. 4) affirms that, ' ' for if relating with the emotional part of the man, the poetry has to see with its dreams, and no dream is inocente' '. According to author, all dream announces some thing and mentions definitive vital necessity to it. From these information, of that the poetry if relates with the dreams, we had as intention to present the contextualizados poetical texts with day-by-day of the pupil, something that works the field emotional, and that it stimulates thus it to produce its proper text. Already in what it says respect to the sort prescribes, this follows some proper characteristics and lingusticas compositions, as Ingredients and Way of Preparation.

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