Two Cables UTP

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Age of information technology dictates its own terms. We see how the increased intensity of the data lines (wired and wireless) per unit area in both residential as well as in offices and industrial premises. Seldom what newly built apartment or house, not to mention the office and industrial premises costs without laying a set of information of low-current cables (telephone, internet, television, etc.). Very often, these cables laid in corrugated pvc pipe, or hdpe (ripple). This is, firstly protects them from mechanical damage, since they have a thin outer insulation, and secondly greatly facilitates the process of wiring.

This applies particularly to a method where a single flute with a diameter of 20-25 mm pre-stretch (delay) is not one, and 2-3 wire or cable. The choice of the diameter of 20-25 mm Corrugation optimal from a purely practical point of view: the maximum number wires in a single ripple on the one hand, and the minimum amount of cutting grooves in the wall on the other. Immediately specify that all wires and cables in a single ripple should be low-current. Not be allowed to delay one gofrorukav with power and low-current cable. The only disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of tightening the cables and wires in the flute, if required lengths over 20m.Vo first to broach 20 meter cable to the required space for the corrugation Direct ideally more than 40 meters, at least at least 30 meters. On ways of tightening the cable into the flute can be read here. The best option in these cases is to use a ready . Our company along with gofrokabelem represents the single cable for nym, VVGng, SAT50, SAT703, UTP4 5-e cat in the ripple length of 100 m, the commercial production consisting of two cables UTP4 5-e cat in a ripple, a diameter of 20 mm, which is a response to constantly growing demands of consumers. 2009 Gofrokabel Roux

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