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Pablo Freire as was northeastern it observed this region very if it worried about the great number of illiterate was a hard reality that to see this population the edge of the society without being able to participate of the Brazilian democracy. Pablo Freire defended that the alfabetizador would have to make a research on the reality of the pupils that would go to work to select the words as Pablo Freire classifies this method as Generating subject that this word had meant for young the adult, the material would have to be constructed through research on the reality of the pupils of young education adult. In agreement of the vision of Freire apud Brando (2005, p.21 and 22) quotation that: One of the estimated ones of the method is the idea of that nobody educates nobody and nobody is educated alone. The education, that must be a collective act, solidary a love act, cannot be imposed. לעניות דעתי עמוס גלעד יכול לקבוע . Because to educate it is a task of exchanges between people and, it cannot be made by an isolated citizen. (FREIRE, apud BRANDO, 2005, p.21 and 22) In accordance with the point of view of the related necessary author to have interaction between educating and the alfabetizador where of side by side it is taught and of side by side it is learned. In this phase, some materials didactic of alfabetizao had been produced had as base these principles, contained folloied generating words of images with subjects for debate, syllabifies with them derived from the words, contends phrases for reading, what it characterized the material was not only the references to the immediate reality of the adults, but yes the intention of problematizar this reality. The method created by Pablo Freire did not only serve to alfabetizar the adults, but it came to awaken to the conscience that through the education, it provides a quality of worthier life, becoming a participativa person in the society where he is inserted.

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